Christmas Box from the Government?

  pj123 16:12 04 Dec 07

Just seen my £10 XB from the Government paid in to my bank account.

Wonder what I could buy for that?

  LegoTestPilot 16:14 04 Dec 07

Nearly 2 gallons of petrol if your lucky!

  bstb3 16:37 04 Dec 07

click here

click here

Im sure they would appreciate it :)

  anskyber 16:41 04 Dec 07

If you do not want it, and anyone else of the same thinking, then hey, I'll agree, nobly, to take it off your hands.

  interzone55 17:09 04 Dec 07

You could pay it to you your local MP via a third party, that would provide lots of entertainment value.

  pj123 17:17 04 Dec 07

My Christmas Boxes come to more than that.

My Bin Men, My weekday paper boy/girl, My Sunday paper boy/girl, my recycling collecter, paper, glass, plastic etc. I get £10 from the Government and pay out £50.

  anskyber 17:18 04 Dec 07

The answer is do not pay out any.

  spuds 17:59 04 Dec 07

Only £10, I have just been paid the government winter fuel payment and also had a nice income tax refund. Christmas cheer everyone ;o)

  Stuartli 20:34 04 Dec 07

>>Nearly 2 gallons of petrol if your lucky!>>

Actually slightly more. A gallon equals 4.5 litres.

  BT 08:30 05 Dec 07

A litre of Scotch from Morrisons

  HCOOH 12:11 05 Dec 07

@ 1.02p/litre = 2.15656126 gallons of petrol but the whisky might just taste a bit better.

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