Chips anyone?

  TOPCAT® 11:04 15 Aug 05

Well, I've seen it all now or have I? First impressions were it's a con, but there's definitely a picture on that monitor. TC.

click here

  €dstowe 12:07 15 Aug 05

It's quite reasonable to expect that electronic equipment will work in oil but why one should want to do it is a different matter.

Oill cooling is a well known method of maintaining reasonable temperatures with high power electrical machinery and equipment.

  wiz-king 13:38 15 Aug 05

I would not recommend it for the HDD or CD drive - it might make them run a little slow! It might cause problems long-term as the oil might cause the insulation to dissolve or the plastics to distort. At least you wont hear the fan!!!

  €dstowe 13:40 15 Aug 05

It looks as if the mechanical devices are above the oil level:-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:16 15 Aug 05

The German sense of humour mystifies me!

  Pooke 18:12 15 Aug 05

bloody hell and then that changed to "Kewl" *shouts for the missus to fetch the deep fat fryer!


  jack 20:10 15 Aug 05

Will O'il bedamned .wWhat about one in batter then?

  Stuartli 22:49 15 Aug 05

At least it's a smooth running and very quiet system.

However, the viscosity choice is critical...

  The one and only Mr A 14:46 17 Aug 05

Does that mean you'd have to install case propellers rather than case fans??????

It's amazing what people think of.

The one that I wonder about is why are most circuit boards green?

  Aspman 17:10 17 Aug 05

I've seen an Athlon fry an egg but I think the fish and chips will take a while here. Might be a bit smelly after a week too.

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