Chinese Motorcycle

  Strawballs 00:03 14 Jul 07

I have spent the last week trying to track down a CDI unit for my sons "Warrior despatch 125" if anybody else knows of the importer or whereabouts of said part I would be very grateful

  wolfie3000 00:08 14 Jul 07

Ebay maybe?

  Strawballs 00:20 14 Jul 07

Tried that but thanks

  Strawballs 00:25 14 Jul 07

Tried that they say only 3 parts interchangable which surprised me as it looks almost identical to the CG 125.

  Strawballs 00:27 14 Jul 07

Going by your name i guess you come from the same era as me, I had the RD 250 but the X7 was the first 100mph 250 if my memory serves me correctly

  WhiteTruckMan 00:43 14 Jul 07

click here

Just a guess.


  Strawballs 00:47 14 Jul 07

Tried them, they don't deal with Warrior but asked me to take a picture of the part and to email it to them and they would try to match it

  WhiteTruckMan 01:06 14 Jul 07

a grey import is it?

Also, it strikes me that a fair amount of chinese stuff is just copies of something else built under license (sometimes!). Try looking up the biggest bike breakers in your area and taking the old part to them and seeing if they can match it.


  Strawballs 01:10 14 Jul 07

That was going to be my next move when I am not working.

  Strawballs 01:23 14 Jul 07

X7 too light had a race with one on M27 one day and he was winning until we were hit by side wind nearly blew him clean off the road I just leaned into it and slowed down far less.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:25 14 Jul 07

is click here

Worth a go.

X7-250-Go for an rd400 if you can find one. A sturdier machine than an rd350lc, and far less likely to have been modded/thrashed/crashed & trashed.


BTW, Kwacker 2 stroke triples rock!

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