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  Quickbeam 26 Sep 12

I couldn't resist the obvious Sun-esque title.

Thinking back to the '60s & early '70s, there was always an ice cream van most nights doing the rounds and we weren't fat then. I think it's probably just a lame excuse and probably easier way to take them off the roads for food hygiene reasons myself.

  carver 26 Sep 12

Quickbeam you must be to young to remember all the trouble with these monstrosities as they plied their evil trade, fat and obese children jumping under these vans to stop them so they could get their daily fix.

Parents worried about the noise that could effect their child's hearing as these ice cream vans gave out sounds meant to entice money from little innocent children.

Councils who wanted more money from these vans until they wanted so much the vans are now not profitable.

It's got to be at least 10 years since I heard a van in our area my kids can't even remember them properly.

  wee eddie 26 Sep 12

The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars were nothing to do with Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Vans were the chosen method of Drug Distribution in Glasgow at the time.

  Chegs ®™ 27 Sep 12

I was horrified to learn that for our "Festival" the council asked for £1000 for a pitch.Thats an awful lot of ice-creams to sell in 2 days,especially in bad weather to make a profit.It isn't just ice-cream vans the council fleece for pitches,we had a burger van outside a nightclub that had operated for years on the same spot until the council decided he had to pay a hefty sum to operate from the corner of a carpark,rather than pay he simply quit trading.

A mate of mine used to drive an Ice-cream van,the youth of today would embarrass a sex-worker with some of their comments to the drivers & I'd find my post deleted if I typed even some of the milder ones.


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