Chill Out

  postie24 18:34 27 Dec 06

I noticed lately there have been a few threads where forum members are being quite rude to one another.The discussions are getting quite heated.Please chill out and have a happy new year.


  The Brigadier 18:40 27 Dec 06

I may be one of the guilty ones!

  Forum Editor 18:50 27 Dec 06

Thanks for the advice, but I suggest you spend a little time watching the way the forum works. You'll see that discussions quite often become a little robust, and there are occasions when someone's rude. It happens, and when it does we usually manage to handle it.

We've been doing it for six years, and we seem to manage fairly well. You can't discuss some subjects without the occasional dust up, it's not the end of the world, and that's partly why I'm here - to see that things don't go too far.

  postie24 19:15 27 Dec 06

FE as far as im concerned you can have a heated debate without being down right rude.Some comments posted where completely out or order.But as you say "we usually manage to handle it" so this thread might aswell
be deleted.

Happy new year

  Forum Editor 23:41 27 Dec 06

that your thread will be deleted - you've said nothing untoward.

Those forum members who were with us a few years back cut their teeth on heated debates - we had several running at once, every day of the year. What happens now is blissfully calm by comparison. One person's 'downright rude' is another's 'firm and forthright' - you'll never please all of the people all of the time.

  Spencer. 23:45 27 Dec 06

fourm member

What woould you do if you seen a space man?

Park your car in it man.

  rodriguez 23:46 27 Dec 06

When I see a thread that's starting to get heated, I try and stay out of it. That way I can't cause any offence. :-D "I'll leave them to it for now" is what I usually think when I see one.

  Forum Editor 23:57 27 Dec 06

There speaks a wise man.

  PurplePenny 00:15 28 Dec 06

Know what you mean!

There's one running at the moment that has *really* annoyed me and I spent a long time typing and retyping (what I considered) a long, well reasoned argument... then I deleted it!

  Forum Editor 00:19 28 Dec 06

There's nothing more frsutrating than that. It's always the best posts that go that way, too.

  rodriguez 00:21 28 Dec 06

Is this the German post you're on about? I was reading through that and kept thinking about putting a response but then I just decided to leave it as it was and let them sort it out between themselves.

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