Child Trust Funds lose millions !

  24/7 11:06 06 Dec 08

Just woke up & found out that allthough the goverment gave us a cheque for £250 for our son when he was born & we have been putting £10 per fortnight in it for a few years might of now GONE!

my wife has just called the child trust fund up & all they said was "Someone will call you next week" they wont tell you how much is in your account which is clear it could be Nothing!

This is terrible...

here's there contact details...

click here

& the story in the news..

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:13 06 Dec 08

1) ANY investment always has been and always will be a risk. Trusts for children, teenagers, middle-aged or cats are no different.
2) These were only intended for long term growth so you need to ask again in 15 years time.
3) You were given £250 of taxpayers' money to start you off and you have been putting in £20/month of your own money; it is terrible when your house is repossessed but this is merely an annoyance which should correct itself in 10 years or so.


  Forum Editor 11:16 06 Dec 08

and that carries an element of risk, as everyone surely knows. I doubt that you would be complaining if the investment had quadrupled in value.

When you invest in stocks and shares you are gambling, and in this case the gamble is not currently paying off.

  spuds 12:41 06 Dec 08

Wasn't the Post Office running a more 'secure' child's investment program?.

  lisa02 21:11 06 Dec 08

We've been paying into our 2 youngest children's accounts on irregularly since they were set up. They have lost value but no that much.... round about 10 or 12% on what was put in on the oldest account set up 4 years ago. The newest account set up in August last year hasn't lost or gained.

It can go up and down and it's a long term thing.

We use Family Investments and can log into our accounts 24/7 online.

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