Check out our new mobile emulator

  simonjary 13:01 03 Apr 09

See what PC Advisor looks like on mobile here:

click here


(Publisher, PC Advisor)

  Charence 13:50 03 Apr 09

the title for the navigation buttons on the N95 are in German(?) they say 'hoch' and 'runter'.

  dagbladet 13:58 03 Apr 09

I'm really not up on this stuff. I generally catch up when the Mark 2/3 of any technology is in and Mark 1 takes a huge drop in price.

Quick question. Are the phones listed the only internet capable ones at the moment?

  UK Sub 15:17 03 Apr 09

Use the new PCA mobile site all the time now (I spend alot of time on London buses).

Loads alot quicker than before (going through

The more sites that cater for mobiles the better.

No there are lots of others.

  Forum Editor 18:27 03 Apr 09

for the site development team, who set the emulator up for us. It's a neat piece of work, so here's a thank you to the unsung heroes on the team.

  Pineman100 19:02 03 Apr 09

As a matter of interest, do browser-capable mobile phone users have to pay PCA for this service? I'm not up on this kind of thing!

  Charence 19:12 03 Apr 09

dagbladet - no it works on other phones/PDAs as well which have an internet browser.

Pineman100 - it's just a website, you don't have to pay PCA to use this service. However, your mobile network provided may decided to charge you for any data you transfer, if your contract doesn't include internet usage.

  laurie53 20:11 03 Apr 09

I'm afraid technology has passed me by again.

I have always been able to get PCA on my 02 phone.

What is now different about the new system?

  wolfie3000 04:54 04 Apr 09

As a technical exercise its fantastic but the only practical use i can see for this emulator is if mobile phone companies used it to show how there phones worked.

Dont get me wrong i love this and applaud the creators of it.

Also it gives me a glimpse as to how the PCA site looks on a mobile device,

Congratulations all round to everyone who worked on it.

  Forum Editor 07:58 04 Apr 09

What is different?

The mobile site has been specially designed for easy viewing on mobile devices. Check it out, and you should find it fits neatly (or more neatly) into your mobile phone's screen.

  laurie53 08:12 04 Apr 09


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