Check the Moon Phase Before Going Out

  Pesala 19:47 05 Jun 07

More crime on Full-moon days. click here

June 1st was the last one.

click here

"In 1998, a three-month psychological study of 1,200 inmates at Armley jail in Leeds discovered a rise in violent incidents during the days either side of a full moon."

I am sure that there is some effect. Something to do with changes in hormone levels.

Do you notice any difference in your own moods on Full-moons?

  Devil Fish 20:03 05 Jun 07

yep i get all hairy grow claws and fangs and go out hunting

joking aside i know the luna cycle affects the oceans tides

so its not beyond the realms of possibilty that it may have some affect on living species including humans

  J B 20:12 05 Jun 07

Did I notice any difference in my mood on Full-moons? No

I have to say that the powers that be are really clutching at straws on this one I'm afraid. Do they expect us to believe that legend and story telling will now be turned into fact and used in modern day policing? The next thing to come along and grab the headlines will be that the police have apprehended a real life werewolf. Alright for some. J.B.

  wiz-king 20:35 05 Jun 07

Makes planning police shift-work more difficult.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 05 Jun 07

I used to be a werewolf but I'm alright NOOOOOOW!

Of course humans are affected by the 28 day cycle ask half the worlds population.

  Noldi 20:37 05 Jun 07

Misses has just gone of down the road on her broom if that’s got anything to do with it.

Actually here in Switzerland we get a fern wind. This is a wind that blows from the hot south and when it hits the mountains it goes up causing a bit of a false low pressure. This give me headache but some people do go a bit crazy.

Maybe some sort of connection.


  sunny staines 21:00 05 Jun 07

been involved working with mental health liasion in the past and full moons cause more incidents

  Si_l 21:29 05 Jun 07

Fruit Bat - The cycle you are referring to is 28 days by coincidence, it is not related to the lunar cycle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:38 05 Jun 07


  Forum Editor 22:43 05 Jun 07

will tell you they expect to be busier when there's a full moon. Lots of people tend to be more short-tempered, and there's an increased likelyhood of assaults, pub fights, and road rage incidents.

It's been known about for many years in the police service.

  €dstowe 06:39 06 Jun 07

Hence the term "lunatic" - being affected by the moon's phases is not a new concept at all.

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