Cheap petrol soon ?

  Dragon_Heart 23:32 28 Mar 11

After we ( UK, France, USA plus one or two others ) 'help' to rid the world of another dictator ( and probably end up paying for years with cash and military loss's to keep the factions inside Libya from killing each other ) going to get a 'thank you' of cheaper oil from them ?

  Forum Editor 00:03 29 Mar 11

Before that happens - if it happens, which I doubt, Libya will have to go through the process of forming a democracy, and at the moment I doubt if anyone even knows how to set about it.

When you've grown up under a regime like the one Libya has endured for 40 off years you're not exactly going to be equipped to set up an impartial judiciary, a court system, a social welfare system, and all the other accoutrements of a democratic nation.

What David Cameron and the other coalition leaders will desperately be looking for is a sign that somewhere in Libyan society there are people with enough charisma and enthusiasm to emerge as potential leaders of a democratic system.

  Uboat 00:09 29 Mar 11

£1.35 Diesel
£1.28 Unleaded

Where i am! disgusting prices...

  spuds 00:12 29 Mar 11

Looking at some prices after the budget, there doesn't appear to much cheaper fuel about yet.

If you had watched Channel 4 Dispatches television program on Monday evening, you might see how and why the cost of oil is maintained, especially by the likes of BP and their subsidiaries.

  Chegs ®™ 02:22 29 Mar 11

£1.35 Diesel! I'm paying £1.40 here and due to its price,I'm pretty much stuck in the house as I can't afford the fuel to get outdoors.

  Kevscar1 07:29 29 Mar 11

June came home yesterday and said the price of her petrol had dropped from 138 last week to 129 today.

  onthelimit1 08:42 29 Mar 11

My son in Sydney is comlaining about 70p a litre!

  morddwyd 20:43 29 Mar 11

"Libya will have to go through the process of forming a democracy,"

Using all the other democratic Arab states as examples.

  Terry Brown 20:57 29 Mar 11

I appologise for not pulling my (TAX) weight.

I don't drive (use bus or TAXI)- costs about £40 per week- still a lot cheaper than a car.

I don't smoke (less work for the NHS= less staff)
I don't drink (we'll hardly any)

Yes I do go out and enjoy myself, and when in a pub, usually have a glass of wine - but not 'knocking it back all night'


  WhiteTruckMan 21:59 29 Mar 11

...and cake tomorrow.


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