Channel number for ITV4

  freaky 16:18 03 Aug 06

I am on NTL Digital for TV.

Would like to know the channel numbers for: -


My list of channel numbers shown in the NTL booklet does not include these !

  packettracer 16:20 03 Aug 06

Have you emailed them or phoned them up?

  ade.h 16:30 03 Aug 06

click here 3rd post.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:32 03 Aug 06

click here any good?


  freaky 16:40 03 Aug 06

Thank's for that but ITV4 is not on the list.

  freaky 16:48 03 Aug 06

Excellent list - it's channel 122 hooray. Many thanks.

There's a good but rather spooky film being shown at 10PM tonight - The Thing with Kurt Russell. Saw it some years, it's really good.

  ade.h 16:58 03 Aug 06

Ah, sorry. It purported to be a complete list, so I didn't check it, but it must have been written pre-ITV4.

  BT 08:45 04 Aug 06

Can't you just press the 'Guide' button on your handset and find it on there. Radio Times shows all the Sky,NTL,Telewest and Freeview channel numbers agaist the programme listings. Can't really see the problem.

  BT 08:48 04 Aug 06


Its listed in RT as channel 122/15. Depends which area you are in. I get it on channel 15 in Norwich.

  freaky 19:29 04 Aug 06

All sorted out now thanks to GANDALF's <|:-)> link.

Have added this link to my Favorites, so can now access all the channel numbers.

Evidently ITV4 has only been available for a few months. Did anybody watch the 10pm film 'The Thing' with Kurt Russell yesterday evening. Watched it until 11pm, then recorded the remainder - very very eerie film !

  ade.h 21:34 04 Aug 06

It started back in the spring. And yes, I did watch most of that film - quite good actually. Reminded me of that old 50's B-movie with the thawed-out alien that came out of the ice and terrorised a research base!

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