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  Fensman 14:43 03 Nov 05

Does anyone have any idea why I have been unable to buy a CD version of PC Advisor for the last two editions? And, that's within two days of issue. I seldom use the software so I'm reluctant to spend the extra £1.50 on a DVD version of the magazine.

  pj123 15:28 03 Nov 05

No idea at all. My edition (DVD) of PC Advisor magazine is on subscription, so I don't need to look around for the latest edition. If you buy the magazine regularly every month you may be better off getting a subscription. Click on the "Subscribe now" link on the left of your screen and see if you can save.

  Fensman 16:15 05 Nov 05

The thing is I don't always buy the magazine every month, just most. So would a subscription actually be cheaper?

  pj123 16:37 05 Nov 05

Yes, a direct subscription is very much cheaper than buying from retail outlets. I don't know what the current shop price for the CD Edition is but on subscription it works out at £2 a month and it comes through your letterbox every month without fail.

I do like to support my local shops but if I can get something a lot cheaper than they can supply well.... Sorry but unfortunately its life. Why pay (say £10) from a local shop when it can be got from a Supermarket for £5?

  pj123 16:48 05 Nov 05

Just done a bit more research

CD edition is £3.50 retail = £42 a year.
on subscription = £24 a year or £2 a copy.

DVD edition is £4.99 retail = £60 a year.
on subscription = £40 a year or £3.33 a copy.

  oresome 17:49 05 Nov 05

It would also seem to be more difficult to subscribe to the CD edition of the magazine.

Whilst subscription to the DVD edition can be completed on line, the following applies to CD edition subscriptions.

"If you would like to subscribe to the CD edition, please call our subscriptions hotline on 01795 414 836."

I've often come across only the DVD version on the bookshelves which I put down to the CD edition being the better seller, but perhaps it's all a plot to convert everyone.

  Kate B 19:21 05 Nov 05

I desperately wish PC magazines would ditch the damn discs altogether. I never use the software on them and I too have had problems getting a CD rather than DVD version, which makes me cross.

  pj123 14:42 06 Nov 05

Kate B, I agree with you entirely. I never find anything on the CD/DVD that is any use. All my cover disks go to the local charity shop.

Some "idiot" thought "Let's put a free "floppy disk" on the magazine to sell more copies. It then progressed to a free CD and now it's a free DVD. Of course, every other magazine followed suit. Now it's expected. If there is not a free CD/DVD on the cover no one will buy it.

  oresome 16:12 06 Nov 05

In the case of PC Advisor, the DVD disc is not 'free' as there's a £1.50 differential over the 'free' CD disc.

  pj123 16:13 06 Nov 05

oresome, see what you mean. They are not content with offering a CD issue. They want every one to buy the DVD edition.

  pj123 16:18 06 Nov 05

oresome. nothing is ever "free" it's all priced up to include the CD/DVD.

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