CCTV comes in handy

  interzone55 12 Apr 12

Without CCTV on my house we would probably never have found a very expensive camera I'd just bought.

Camera delivered by City Link, tracking data said delivered at 8:51 this morning and signed for by Gallon.

Phoned City Link to double check this as no-one at home today, and we don't have any neighbours by that name.

Report back that driver left left at No 15 next door.

Very odd as next door on both sides are empty.

My partner then takes time off work to go home and check, no note on door to say where the parcel has been left, so she checks the CCTV and sees the driver leave the parcel in an unlocked shed were rarely use and sign for the parcel himself.

When I complain to City Link I just get a pat response to send an email to [email protected] who shall be getting an email tonight with footage from the cctv cameras...

  interzone55 12 Apr 12

fourm member

I had a similar case a few weeks ago where the courier claimed I wasn't in on three consecutive days, at no point had anyone been to my front door during those days.

I invited the drivers boss round to check my CCTV if he didn't believe me. In that case I collected the item myself and the request for the courier to pay my fuel costs for driving 30 miles each way to the depot just to pick up what turned out to be my free Meerkat, was met by deaf ears.

  rickf 12 Apr 12

Yodel, I think the name is correct, just threw a parcel over my garden fence by the side f the house ow/o leaving a note. Luckily, it was only clothing. I did not discover it until the next day when ventured into my garden. What's with these people?? Yesterday, was waiting for my smartphone to be delivered by RM special delivery by 1pm.Having not arrived I tracked it to be alarmed that it had been delivered. It came 15mins later. I complained to RM and they logged it as a complaint and agreed with me that it was shoddy practice. Don't think it will change behaviour as this is the 3rd time this has happened causing panic.

  spuds 12 Apr 12

I think that it was a few weeks ago, when the BBC Watchdog program showed some cctv footage of courier drivers throwing items over gates and walls, then driving off. Apparently, one of the items happened to be a plasma screen television!.


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