cat proof pc.

  wolfie3000 18:13 13 May 06

What a great idea, I have two cats and it is annoying.

click here

  wee eddie 19:50 13 May 06

Just bought a new battery for my laptop, so it will have to wait till July.

  mammak 19:52 13 May 06

that is a good idea lol dont have cats only 9 cold water fish and they are under strict instruction to steer clear of the computer and your cats ;)

  SB23 20:09 13 May 06

It is a good idea, I sent half of an email the other day, because both my cats wanted to see what I was doing. I had to send another email to the company I was dealing with to apologise for the first email, with a ps, explaining what had happened.
Gladly they sent a funny reply, lol

This would also stop all the cat hair in the keyboard.

  wolfie3000 20:13 13 May 06

Just tryed the sound out scared my cats half to death they hated the harmonica.

So it certainly works.

  wolfie3000 20:14 13 May 06

£13.50p not bad

  octal 20:47 13 May 06

What is it about cats? if you are typing they insist on walking over the keyboard, if you are reading something they insist on sitting right on top of the portion you are reading with that bloody smug look on their face.

  watchful 20:55 13 May 06

That's the fascination of cats. I have two but my keyboard slides out of the way when I'm not there and when I am they don't dare to jump on it.

  octal 21:01 13 May 06

Sounds like I'm too soft with them, they seem to rule the roost, including keeping the dog in its place.

  watchful 21:03 13 May 06

Ha ha! When we had a dog they kept him in his place too. All depends on where they are in the 'pecking' order.

  mammak 21:13 13 May 06

Cats are very intelligent animals I dont have any now but we had plenty through out
our childhood I remember my brother coming home from the pub on a Saturday night
with a fish supper he would put a bit of fish down say to our sooty” leave” go of make a cuppa and still how ever long he took sooty would not touch the fish until he was commanded to do so, clever wee animals they are, my childhood cat was named bulldozer with out fail every morning at 7:30am he would head butt me to wake me for school loved him for that lol.

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