Cartoonists of the world unite...

  Quickbeam 07:52 08 Jan 15

in their contempt of the Paris massacre.

Click here, the content of the cartoons says it all. I take my hat of at their united front.

  Flak999 13:10 08 Jan 15

What we witnessed yesterday in Paris is the result of the Wests blind capitulation to the political agenda of militant Islam. In our foolish endeavour to welcome and accommodate people that hate us and everything that we stand for, we are now starting to reap the whirlwind of our own stupidity!

This countries policy of totally unrestricted immigration over the last fifty years has changed our society's ethnic make up beyond recognition. We have imported into this land people who hate us and our western values and who are now forming a fifth column of reactionary terrorists living within our cities, waiting for the opportunity to unleash the type of horror on us, as was unleashed in Paris yesterday.

Indeed it has already begun, with the tube bombings in London, the airport bombing in Glasgow, the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, this insidious fifth column within our midst is just waiting for it's next opportunity. Where will it be? How many more innocents will die in the name of a twisted ideology?

It's not to late, the populations of the west are finally awakening to the evil living within their midst. In Germany anti Islam demonstrations are taking place, in France the Front National are gaining ground, here in the UK we have an ideal opportunity in May to send a message to the Westminster elite that we have had enough.

I have deleted a paragraph which was blatantly inappropriate. If I see a single repeated instance of overt racism or religious bigotry I will ban the individual concerned without further warning. Religious intolerance is precisely what we don't need at this time. FE

  spider9 14:23 08 Jan 15


I note you are hot on the heels of your beloved leader (Farage!) in trying to make political capital out of such a tragedy.

Is there no depths to which you UKIP people will not stoop?

  wee eddie 14:27 08 Jan 15

Flak999: To my way of thinking, the only difference between you and the Militant Islamists is that you, as an individual, have not yet sunk to physical action, although some of your fellow travellers appear to have done so.

The Militant Islamist Groups are little different from the KluKluxKlan and BaderMeinhof. They do not represent the multitude of fellow religionists any more than the KKK represent the Southern Baptist Churches and BaderMeinhof represented young Germans.

  Flak999 14:42 08 Jan 15


We don't need to try and make political capital out of this grotesque incident, the Islamists are doing it for us!

  Flak999 14:47 08 Jan 15

wee eddie

Wake up man! What will it take before you remove the blinkers from your eyes? Them stoning women to death in Hyde park? It is you and your ilk that are sleepwalking to your own destruction!

  john bunyan 14:57 08 Jan 15

I think an even more worrying trend is that Christians are increasingly being forced out of the middle east, whilst Muslims are immigrating to the West. Clearly the problem of militants is a minority, but the trend is worrying.

Clash of civilisations

  spider9 15:14 08 Jan 15


You are actively trying to get people to vote for " the only party that will stop unrestricted immigration.", in the forthcoming UK election - but how will stopping some (or even all!!) immigrants somehow manage to end these atrocities?

Will ISIS et al simply say "Oh look the UK is not allowing any more immigrants, so they are not our enemies any more". Simple solutions from simple people springs to mind in UKIP's case, I'm afraid.

  rickf 15:31 08 Jan 15

Je suis Charlie et nous sommes Charlie. Yes, unite, a must against this intolerance. You don't kill others just because they have a different view. Worst than animals. I don't want to live in medieval times.

  rickf 15:32 08 Jan 15

UKIP may welll be just the other side of the coin!!

  Quickbeam 08:05 09 Jan 15


"We don't need to try and make political capital out of this grotesque incident, the Islamists are doing it for us!"

That's exactly what you've done on your first (hijack) post!

The post topic and link is purely a comment on the steadfastness of the worlds cartoonists to not to be cowed by this incident.

From Hogarth to the present day, satirical cartoonists have dared to ridicule the extremes of both free democratic and tyrannical autocratic governments. They've often been the subtle, or maybe unsubtle, key to planting the seeds of change in the minds of the masses.

I'm glad to see that they stand united together in their drawn commentary of the massacre. Some of those cartoons are amongst the best I've seen in years.

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