CarBoot have i bought a bargain.?

  Uboat 18:18 22 Aug 10

Hiya guys/gals, today i went to the carboot & had a quest to find a bargain, i know little of books and wanted to ask anyone that has a decent knowledge of books IF these books are worth anything? ive seen Very little on the NET?

Can you help me please.? I paid £3 for all of them!

Here is there titles:

1)The Windsor Years by Lord Kinross

2)Coronation Souvenir Book (1937) by Gordon Beckles

3)Our King & queen & the Royal Princesses

4)The Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

(ALL in decent cond)


  Forum Editor 18:25 22 Aug 10

are particularly rare - there must be thousands of copies of all of them tucked away on bookshelves and in second-hand book shops all over the country.

  Noldi 18:29 22 Aug 10

Amozon used prices

1)The Windsor Years by Lord Kinross £60

2)Coronation Souvenir Book (1937) by Gordon Beckles £9.78

3)Our King & queen & the Royal Princesses £3.94

So number 1 was a bargain.


  Uboat 18:35 22 Aug 10

FE thankx for the input!

Noldi thankyou so much thats a decent price for the first book is there any links you could post me on here please.?

  Uboat 18:36 22 Aug 10

Forum member thankx again there is quite some flutuations in price here...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 22 Aug 10

No you have not bought any bargains. The Windsor Years is £3.49 on here The Noldi's prices are a bit of a joke and only for those who cannot be trusted with money. Books on royalty, no matter what age, are ultra naff for collectors which is reflected in their cheap prices. You were overcharged and you should have beaten the seller down.


  Uboat 18:41 22 Aug 10

GANDALF lool beaten the seller! thankx GANDALF :-)

  peter99co 19:07 22 Aug 10

Can my book The Little Princesses by Marion Crawford May 1952 Edition be worth much?

Judging by Uboats lot I might have to take it off my house insurance list;-)

  peter99co 19:25 22 Aug 10

My other Royal Treasure is a Two and Sixpenny approved Souvenir Programme of The Coronation which is 40 pages of detailed information about the days proceedings etc.

  Quickbeam 09:08 23 Aug 10

Bargains and car boots?

They're just a junk exchange really, I throw better stuff away than I've seen for sale at them.

  colberly 09:23 23 Aug 10

Why don't you have a stall at a car boot and make some money even if you donate the proceeds to charity, better than just throwing stuff away.

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