Car Thief goes through level crossing!

  Portal11 15 Apr 11

I just hope they caught the idiot!

  Woolwell 15 Apr 11

It would seem that they did catch him as the report says he was jailed for 3 and a half years.

  proudfoot 15 Apr 11

He was an idiot, all criminals are, it is a pity he wasn't hit and survived. It might have scared him and made him think in future. The three and a half years he got in HM Holiday Camp means he will be out in 18 months and back to his old tricks.

  morddwyd 15 Apr 11

The poor guy who finally gave in to his disabled wife's pleas to help her to die, and is now a convicted criminal may have been wrong, or misguided, but an idiot?

A victim more like.

  Kevscar1 16 Apr 11

st-clares He was an idiot, all criminals are,

If that it true please explain all the unsolved murders and big heists.

  OTT_B 16 Apr 11


"st-clares He was an idiot, all criminals are,

If that it true please explain all the unsolved murders and big heists."

Isn't someone only a criminal once convicted by a court?

  D@ve 16 Apr 11


"Isn't someone only a criminal once convicted by a court?"


  proudfoot 17 Apr 11

A criminal is someone who commits an act that has been passed by parliament.

Almost all serious crime is detected and the perpetrator sentenced, unfortunately for those of us who are generally good citizens suffer the consequences of inadequate sentencing.

So many criminals have a slapped wrist sentence and go on to commit more serious crimes.

It would appear from the previous 4 posts he is a hero when in fact he is a menace.

I don't think they would take that attitude if he had had a collision with their car caused serious injury or death.

Most criminals along with too many other people think vehicle insurance is for others not them. If they get caught the fine is so paltry it wouldn't get them third party cover.

The same applies to all other criminal acts, "I want it and I will get it and I don't care how much pain and stress I cause".

  spider9 17 Apr 11

St-clares "A criminal is someone who commits an act that has been passed by parliament."

Not exactly sure that statement quite sums it up!!

  morddwyd 17 Apr 11

How is expressing sympathy for an old man who carried out his seriously ill wife's last wishes seen as making a car thief a hero?

  proudfoot 17 Apr 11

Morddwyd I apologise, I did not completely comprehend the point you were making, but as much as I tend to agree with you in this instance and sympathise with the situation he faced and also the dilemma he was in.

I also have been in a similar situation with a close relative and at the end was praying she would pass away quickly. Fortunately the end was swift. Sadly he contravened statuary legislation.

I tend agree there is a case to be made for carefully worded legislation for terminally ill people to be able to have their wishes carried out under very strict supervision.


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