Car reg. no.?

  Cymro. 16:19 06 Oct 07

Can anyone please explain to me how new car registration numbers are allocated these days?

In the old days of the year being recognized by just the one prefix letter and a change every September it was quite easy to tell the year that a car was first registered by just looking at the number plate.

But now there is a change more than once a year and more than one prefix letter.

The used car advertisement in newspaper don`t always give the year the car was first registered just the registration number. So it is not easy to know the age of the car advertised.

  crosstrainer 16:22 06 Oct 07

Has become confusing with the reg's being allocated every 6 months....but you can tell the year of reg in the 2 digits ie: 06 (2006) 07 (2007)

Not sure how the months work though...It must be in the first letter?

  The Brigadier 16:25 06 Oct 07

New Number Plates:
1st letter: DVLA Region
2nd Letter: DVLA Local Office
Next 2 Numbers are age identifier numbers.
The Final 3 letters have no specific meaning.

So say DVLA.

  crosstrainer 16:32 06 Oct 07

However, only indicate the year, not the month...must be some way of telling? The documents I guess, mine are all in the safe at work.

  mark2 16:34 06 Oct 07

03 = march - august 2003, 53 = Sept 2003 -feb 2004


  spuds 16:36 06 Oct 07
  Cymro. 16:47 06 Oct 07

Thanks all for your quick and excellent response. I will now have a look in the used car adds in my local newspaper.

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