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  finerty 16:47 09 Jan 11

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The Government is planning to make sure every car owner is insured whether they use the vehicle or don't......

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:58 09 Jan 11

Good idea....anyone not using a car on the road should have filled in a SORN and if they are too, lazy to get off their backsides to do it then they deserve a financial kicking.


  spuds 17:01 09 Jan 11

The government are not making every car owner have insurance, whether the vehicle is used or not.

The proposed scheme is an extention to SORN, which basically means that the DVLA or government, want to know where the vehicle is.

If people 'forget' to insure their vehicles, then they only have themselves to blame. I know when my vehicle insurance is due, because

  spuds 17:05 09 Jan 11

Whoops- Went into cyber space before completion.

because I have enough junk mail from various insurers telling me that its about time I had a quote from them.

But I wonder if this will make the slightest difference to the thousands of motorist's, who think vehicle insurance is for the uninitiated or fools of society?.

  Noldi 18:08 09 Jan 11

uote : "At the same time this will not deal with the sort of people who are not recorded at all by the DVLA".

Says it all.


  the hick 18:14 09 Jan 11

Slightly off-topic, but I still do not understand why in the UK we do not have an insurance disc to display in/on the vehicle, like a tax disc. France does, and also Germany I believe.

  sunnystaines 18:20 09 Jan 11

agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

  spuds 18:25 09 Jan 11

Thats a topic thats been raised many times before by motoring organisations and the motoring public.

The same also applies to not having vehicle tax or disk, with the revenue coming from an increase in fuel prices, which will make the higher mileage user pay their fair share, due to mileage covered. At present the road fund license calculations are a shambles.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:09 09 Jan 11

for road tax purposes then you have already declared the vehicle to be off the road. Declaring a SORN for insurance purposes strikes me as being a duplication of effort (and cost, and burocracy etc...) for no visible gain. I dont think it will actually help catch uninsured drivers, merely make an attention getting headline.

A database of insured vehicles already exists, and is used by the police via ANPR technology (along with the status of the road tax). If the police want to catch uninsured drivers then they need to get out more, not trawl through databases. Because that wont tell them who the uninsured driver is.


  Noldi 19:10 09 Jan 11

In some parts of Europe you have to give your number plate back if you don’t have a road legal car. MOT, Insurance and tax are on one database.

But the only place you can get a number plate from is the equivalent of the DVLA I think


  morddwyd 19:46 09 Jan 11

"if they are too, lazy to get off their backsides to do it"

Don't even have to get off your backside, you can do it in less`than five minutes on-line, and the "innocent motorist" does not forget, the DVLA send a reminder (more tha one in fact.

The poor hard `done by motorist again!

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