Can you keep a secret..go on share it

  Grambo 16:56 08 Jun 08

On a website that is devoted to sharing information to assist people, I was wondering if you have hidden gems you have been reluctant to share. Its a bit like discovering a book, then it goes mainstream (I read I Am Legend years ago, but thats a different story ha ha). So here is not 1, but 2 I want to share:

Caterpillar shoes (not boots) are the most comfortable ever made. Ever.

Youtube is fantastic if ever you get stuck on a video game.

So fess up boys and gals

  lotvic 00:29 09 Jun 08

A teaspoonful of ordinary table salt kills dandelions inc. the root (may need more if it is a big dandelion) - is cheap, and is not dangerous for children and animals.

It can be dispensed as needed straight from the salt pot for spot weeding on the lawn.

Can also be used to eradicate weeds between paving stones.
Added bonus - lethal to slugs and snails.

(I have been gardening today :))

  WhiteTruckMan 01:53 09 Jun 08

in renault premium tractor units are a durn sight more comfortable than the bottom ones, even if they ARE a hell of a climb into them. Its worth it.


  peter99co 11:04 09 Jun 08

There is no such thing as bad weather,just the wrong kind of clothing.

  The Brigadier 12:29 09 Jun 08

Jumping out of a plane at 15 thousand feet is more enjoyable if you have a reserve chute!

  The Brigadier 12:31 09 Jun 08

Never volunteer for anything.

  sunny staines 12:34 09 Jun 08

cure for colds, give up dairy, never had a greenie since.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:41 09 Jun 08

Jumping out of a plane at 15 thousand feet is more enjoyable if you have a reserve chute!

I with you on that one, needed the reserve a couple of times.

Cure for hangovers - don't stop drinking.

  peter99co 12:47 09 Jun 08

Any fool can be uncomfortable.

  peter99co 12:49 09 Jun 08

Never get separated from your kit. (depends on the sport/interest you are following.

  pj123 13:53 09 Jun 08

The Brigadier, reminds me of the advert:

Parachute for sale.

Used only once.

Never opened.

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