Can someone identify this chocolate bar for me?

  theDarkness 23:31 10 Oct 13

Odd question, but I don't know if I can explain on here the reason for it. Does anyone know what brand this chocolate might be, or if it belongs to any supermarket chains value range? Many help would be appreciated, thanks :) here is the link.

  wee eddie 23:48 10 Oct 13

No indication on foil, or any other packaging, then.

  theDarkness 00:13 11 Oct 13

you are correct :) I thought some chocolate lover might be able to identify the design in the close up. Its a 100g bar, around the same size as a galaxy.

  mole1944 04:41 11 Oct 13

Silly question but someone has to ask "why"

  Nontek 09:21 11 Oct 13

Looks like a Laxative?

  Nontek 09:22 11 Oct 13

Ooops - meant to add, take it to a Pharmacist who may be able to test it!

  morddwyd 09:51 11 Oct 13

Just for the record, the pattern looks familiar (not medicinal) but not able to put a name to it.

If you can hang on until the weekend I can do some in depth research!

(not all chocolate addicts are female!)

  rickf 10:02 11 Oct 13

Looks a bit like Lindt to me. A Swiss brand.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 11 Oct 13

Possibly Lindt

  fourm member 10:24 11 Oct 13

It's cooking chocolate but can't identify the brand.

  spuds 12:23 11 Oct 13

I would have thought like others have suggested, that it was a Lindt pattern, but having a look through Google about Lindt chocolate pattern photo images, including Lindt archives, this pattern doesn't seem to appear?.

In an hour or so, I may make a visit to the local Tesco superstore. I'll ask the Chocolatier there for some advice and free samples :O)

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