can i release my car without taking a new policy

  skindeep 11:07 29 Sep 10

my car was impounded yesterday for not having fault i know but i need to get my car back but i am unable to get single day insurance that will cover me to remove it from the impound as i do not have an insurance policy at the moment.all advice would be much appreciared thank you.

  MAJ 11:10 29 Sep 10

Why don't you just insure the car normally, you're going to have to anyway?

  skindeep 11:16 29 Sep 10

because i havent got the money to pay for a deposit plus retrieve my car

  Al94 11:21 29 Sep 10

collect it on a trailer and sell it.

  skindeep 11:27 29 Sep 10

yea i do want to sell it would they allow me to do that.its a fiat punto 1.2 16 v sporting 6 speed w 2000 if you know anyone interested cheers

  skindeep 11:34 29 Sep 10

or can i get someone who has fully comp insurance

  MAJ 11:42 29 Sep 10

Your own car still needs to be insured, even a fully-comp driver can't do it, a garage mechanic with trade insurance might be able to do it but I don't know for sure.

  961 11:47 29 Sep 10

Trade plates will not cover that unless the garage has bought the car

Two ways:

Insure the car or

Sell it to a motor dealer and allow him to collect the car deducting the impound charges plus any hp etc from your cheque

Please do not drive uninsured. It shows massive disrespect and disregard to other motorists

  MAJ 11:54 29 Sep 10

Thank you for clearing up that point for me, I wasn't sure of the situation as the insurance can usually be tailored to individual requirements.

While sympathising with skindeep's financial problem in this respect, isn't it both surprising and uplifting to see some joined-up thinking from the authorities?

  interzone55 11:58 29 Sep 10

Someone with insurance that covers them to drive any vehicle on third party basis will be able to collect the car.

For instance my fully comp insurance allows me to drive any vehicle providing I have permission from the owner. That vehicle is then covered by Third Party insurance, so it's legal to drive.

  MAJ 12:03 29 Sep 10

That is incorrect. That only applies if the other vehicle is insured. Even a fully-comp driver is not insured to drive an uninsured vehicle.

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