Can I post this safely on here?

  Sapins 15:32 25 Jun 06

If you have Sat Nav for your vehicle and don't want unscrupulous people breaking into your car to try to steal it when they see the tell tale "ring" on the windscreen just use a big enough sticker, maybe from a motoring organisation? National Trust? or such like, on the inside of the screen and attach the Sat Nav to this. It should not leave any sign of the mount showing and I believe it will still keep the mount in place.

  spuds 16:22 25 Jun 06

That's okay, until you leave your vehicle for a few minutes, whilst possibly enroute, and some 'unwashed' spots the winning prize.

Brick-window-arm-grab-run make a very good combination ;o)

  pj123 16:32 25 Jun 06

I don't need Sat Nav. I know where I live and how to get there.

I know how to get to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Londonderry etc.

If I need more details closer to my destination I just use Autoroute and print out a map. Never failed me yet.

  Al94 17:46 25 Jun 06

pj123, I thought that too but having bought one I have discovered all sorts of delights in the countryside having the confidence to stray off the beaten track and know that I wont get lost and get navigated back to where I want to end up! It's fun - give it a go!

  Sapins 18:20 25 Jun 06

Thats the trouble you can't leave it for just a few minutes and my tip is for when you take it out of the car, no tell tale sign left on the windscreen.

pj123, I find it's much safer not having to look at a map when driving. The tom tom go 910 even tells you where your car is if you visit one of the ginormous car parks and forget where you left it, it also has a one button click to guide you back home.

  shellship 18:21 25 Jun 06

Sat Nav - never. I have a wife of 44 years (marriage, not age) who happens to be a superb map reader!!

  Input Overload 18:21 25 Jun 06

I still get lost in the town I was born in :-)

  Sapins 18:23 25 Jun 06

And never a cross word abour map reading LOL

  Dizzy Bob 18:23 25 Jun 06

I keep a pack of baby wipes in te glove box to wipe the screen when i take the sucker off.

Comes in handy as well as i live on the coast, and my car seems to have an in built seagull attraction unit!


  Forum Editor 18:29 25 Jun 06

everyone seems to feel the need to have one in the car - a badge that says "I'm one of the crowd". It makes you wonder how we've managed to navigate around our tiny island nation for all these years without electronic help.

I don't have one, and have no intention of getting one. I find that I can stumble my way from A to B fairly well most of the time, and when I can't I resort to reading a map - just like the SatNav unit does.

  ade.h 19:03 25 Jun 06

I don't want one either. They're very expensive (to me anyway) for what they achieve, there's nothing wrong with a printed map (which is usually more accurate) and it's unlikely that any toerag is going to break into my car to nick a map!

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