can I claim

  Desperate-Dan 08:29 26 May 09

Hi, I have a cracked porch roof tile, and water is getting in and starting to crack the wall, water is starting to come in through the cracks, I've tried sealing the cracked tile with bathroom sealent it seemed to work for a while but its coming in again, my question is can I claim through my house insurance, I think the crack was caused by kids throwing stones onto my roof then the stones rolling down and land on the porch roof,
your help is appreciated

  BT 08:40 26 May 09

1. Read your Policy Document

2. Give them a call. I found my people quite helpful when I was having some building work done and they gave me a temporary, free extension to my policy for the duration of the works.

  howard64 08:45 26 May 09

Tiles do not make a waterproof seal. The waterproof element is the felt under the tiles. If it is just a porch get up and slide the tile back and repair or replace the felt. The soffit boards on my bungalow were running with water when it rained. I pushed back the first row of tiles and found that the felt instead of going over the facia board fell down inside to the soffit board. Any rain flowing down the felt ended up inside. It was a days work to push back 2 rows of tiles, lift the lowest wooden batten, fold back the original felt, install a new felt that went over the facia board into the gutter, put the original felt back on top, replace the batten and slide the tiles back. No water has come out of the soffit boards since.

  jack 08:55 26 May 09

Whether you get may be another story.
The Ins. co will say Yes or No
You will not be pursued by the Green Book Police now set up by Brother Brown

  Quickbeam 09:11 26 May 09

Just be very vague and make a claim for general storm damage. They won't bother to investigate how one or two tiles became dislodged.

  Quickbeam 09:14 26 May 09

What sort of kids are round your way that dare to throw stones at Desperate-Dan's hose...:)

  BRYNIT 11:37 26 May 09

If its just one tile why not just buy a new tile to replace the cracked one. It will be cheaper.

  Desperate-Dan 12:17 26 May 09

thanks for all the replies, I Think I'll have a go at doing it myself, I looked at my insurance policy, and I have to pay the first £100 excess,
Tha cracked tile is right in the middle of the roof, and i can't get a matching tile its grey, I can get the same tile but only in tarracota,
thanks for all your help.

  Forum Editor 16:51 26 May 09

Are you sure - have you contacted roofing suppliers in your area? Most suppliers are used to being asked to match tiles, and if they don't have any they may be able to lay their hands on a few.

It certainly isn't worth claiming on your insurance for a tile that will cost a couple of pounds or so.

  laurie53 17:19 26 May 09

"i can't get a matching tile"

Any reclamation yards in your area?

Try Yellow Pages.

  BRYNIT 17:32 26 May 09

The original tile may have been terracota. Roof tiles over the years go darker get dirty and do not look anything like the original colour as they don't get cleaned. A new tile will not match, even a reclaimed tile may look different.

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