Can anything be totally random?

  bumpkin 07 Apr 13

Can anything be totally random? an odd title maybe ,can anyone give me an example of something that is 100% random.

  morddwyd 07 Apr 13

My wife's train of thought.

  onthelimit1 07 Apr 13

Getting 2 PCs to work to one printer? :-)

  Bing.alau 07 Apr 13

Falling raindrops maybe?

  bumpkin 07 Apr 13

Ok nice dig , I can take jokes on me, made me smile.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Apr 13

Perhaps you need to read here it can mean different things depending on the context used.

I like "predictability of the outcome" reminds me of some windows operating systems.

  bumpkin 07 Apr 13

Fruit Bat, I have read similar explanations as per your link but none really answer the question. For example is the Lottery, ERNIE or a throw of dice totally random.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07 Apr 13

I never know what I'm going to forget next!

  bumpkin 07 Apr 13

It was supposed to be a serious question but I don't mind ;-)

  kad60 07 Apr 13


  Aitchbee 07 Apr 13

Captain Beefheart managed to slip a tad of randomness into his opus / work / album

Trout Mask Replica


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