Can anyone identify the arrangement of twigs in the photo

  hssutton 06 May 13

The photo is of an Ionic temple on the Rievaulx Terrace. To the side of the temple was an arrangement of twigs with a daisy chain (inset) which overlays the the arrangement. Not sure if there is any significance to this arrangement of twigs.

Can anyone help? Hopefully the following link will work.

  Quickbeam 06 May 13

Did you try going back at night to see if a raunchy pagan gathering made some sense of it...?

  hssutton 06 May 13

Quickbeam your mind works very similar to mine :)But to answer your question, No, not sure what I would find

  Quickbeam 06 May 13

Well without being too explicit, most pagan signs/symbols suggest male and female genitalia in operation...

  Quickbeam 06 May 13

And if you do want to be explicit:)

Well it is the May day holiday, forget the labour day rubbish...

  Quickbeam 06 May 13

This pagan site gives mention of twig signs.

I once knew a girl that was into paganism, she was quite weird.


...Interesting, but very weird!


I preferred rock n' roll and the pub;)

  csqwared 06 May 13

Last time we were there they had an 'artistic' display adjacent to Anne Boleyn's statue (covered over?) which consisted of a painted screen with a doorway to a seat giving a view of the abbey. Perhaps this is another 'artistic' attraction.

  Aitchbee 06 May 13

... an early edition of kerplunk, perhaps, or buckaroo maybe ?

  Woolwell 06 May 13

It's modern art.

  Quickbeam 06 May 13

On a pagan theme.

  wee eddie 06 May 13

I think that Dan Brown had just visited!


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