Can anyone explain this to me please..?

  charmingman 00:42 21 May 08

Hi all ive just read this & i cant seem to make head nor tail of it..? what is it about & what does it mean & how will it effect us..?


click here

  DANZIG 00:55 21 May 08

I think it means if you live in Western Civilisation then you're stuffed.

Thats if, of course, you don't rely on anything petroleum based......

.....which means 'nobody'.

  Quickbeam 01:03 21 May 08

Looks to read how the US can protect itself from having to pay more than tupence a barrel for oil...

  peg 01:06 21 May 08

god bless America (hand on heart)

  laurie53 08:26 21 May 08

So they have a veto proof majority that George Bush is going to veto.

I'll never understand American politics!

  spuds 11:23 21 May 08

Reading the above comment, I think that it might be best to be confused. There's politics for you :O)

  laurie53 19:01 21 May 08

Thanks for the attempt!

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:21 21 May 08

So The House of Representatives have decided to give themselve the right to impose US law on thirteen other countries.

Who, do they believe, gave them the right to do this?

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