Can anyone do this bit of maths

  bumpkin 21:48 26 Feb 16

Can anyone do this bit of maths? I can't seem to work this out, maybe not enough info. See what you think.

4 cameras running at 25fps each 24/7. How long to fill a 1TB drive. My stab in the dark is about 2wks but I could be wildly out. Just an estimation would do.

  Quickbeam 21:56 26 Feb 16

35mm or super 8?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:01 26 Feb 16

depends on quality of frame what are the cameras rated at in Megapixles and file type?

click here

  bumpkin 22:19 26 Feb 16

FruitBat, I don' know, I would guess lower end Megapixels say 3 to 4. File type MP4.

  bumpkin 22:25 26 Feb 16

Does 960H mean anything regarding resolution.

  Runabout 11:26 27 Feb 16

960H is a measure of the resolution.

It indicates the number of horizontal pixels - the vertical number varies according to whether it is recording in PAL or NTSC.

The Wikipedia entry has problems but is here Wikipedia

Three commercial companies who are trying to sell their equipment to you are:-



CCTV Camera Pros

Your best bet to find out the information that you want is probably to contact the technical depts. of several companies selling the equipment.

Whilst each will obviously try to sell you their equipment, the information that they give you should also help to decide which one is best for you (if you have not yet bought the equipment).

  NevenLand 15:29 28 Feb 16

sorry buddy, i thought you're talking about another kind of math :)

  x123 15:36 28 Feb 16

Can you run the 4 cameras for one hour and see what space has been used


Is this a hypothetical question?

  bumpkin 19:12 28 Feb 16

X123, not hypothetical that is what I did, easiest way to find out without having having to know the ins and outs of a cows bum:-)

4 cameras all on at the same time use around 2400MB/Hour giving me around 16 Days of recording which is plenty.

  Quickbeam 22:22 28 Feb 16

Can we ask what you're going to record for 2 weeks using 4 cameras...?

  x123 04:21 29 Feb 16

At a guess. Cctv while away on holiday?

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