Calm down, dear, it's only Death!

  SillBill 18:09 PM 21 Jan 13

Michael Winner dies at 77.

  Quickbeam 19:35 PM 21 Jan 13

Was he given a bad meal and gave it the ultimate thumbs down?

  SillBill 19:46 PM 21 Jan 13


he had a few of them that nearly killed him. In the end his liver did the evil deed.

  morddwyd 20:13 PM 21 Jan 13

Remember him saying he was a great believer in teamwork.

"A bunch of people doing what I tell them to!"

My kind of bloke, but I suspect he might have cost me the odd promotion!

  Forum Editor 23:08 PM 21 Jan 13

Michael was the kind of person you either loved or hated. I loved him for his ability to detect and deflate phonies, and for his sense of fun - he knew exactly what life was for.

Unfortunately there are few like him, now that we've turned blandness into an art form.

  morddwyd 09:46 AM 22 Jan 13

How very true, on both counts.

  Aitchbee 10:04 AM 22 Jan 13

Many of his films [which he directed] had a common thread. Winner once said:-

" There is a recurring theme ... and the theme is somebody who is a loner, who makes a grand gesture; nearly every film was about somebody saying ...

... ' I'm going to do something special 'cos I'm not satisfied with the aethos of the society in which I live. ' ".

Goodbye Michael.

  Forum Editor 10:11 AM 22 Jan 13

He turned down the offer of an OBE because he felt the honours system has been devalued.

Subsequently his personal letterheading read: 'Michael Winner, MA CAM OBE (but rejected)'

  Quickbeam 10:23 AM 22 Jan 13

Maybe there was some sour grapes there. It strikes me that he thought nothing less than a Knighthood would be good enough for him...

  carver 11:17 AM 22 Jan 13

"It strikes me that he thought nothing less than a Knighthood would be good enough for him..."

I don't think he would have accepted even that, he was satisfied just being himself.

  Bing.alau 11:51 AM 22 Jan 13

I wonder how long it will be before somebody starts slagging him off?


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