'Call for fuel tax rise to be axed'

  Quickbeam 06:22 21 Jan 08

click here The cost of fuel is approaching a 15% rise over a very short time.

Fuel increases affect everything we buy (everything we buy travels on a truck at some point), which in turn is passed on to us all.

I've had the feeling for a while the good times are making way for lean times. Yet the government does not like to forgo any income that can stop this slowing down trend... Mine mine, mine, gimme, gimme, gimme.

  AlphaBravo 06:25 21 Jan 08

We must of been thinking the same thing @ the same time..lol
i'll close mine..lol amazing eh

  Quickbeam 08:55 21 Jan 08

Where's your one? 'Phere' started one as well in the same minute!

  anskyber 10:11 21 Jan 08

Yes, it's a pity the Tories thought of the fuel price escalator, most of the damage was done as a result of that policy. click here

  birdface 10:30 21 Jan 08

Maybe all the Extra revenue the government has been making with the high price of north sea oil could be spent on keeping fuel prices to a decent level.

  Earthsea 15:04 21 Jan 08

'Police said they were concerned such crimes could increase as fuel prices continued to go up.'

click here

Another aspect.

  Quickbeam 15:27 21 Jan 08

It happens all the time if you leave an HGV with locking caps unattended in a dodgy area, a pickaxe through the tank and they take what they want.

It can be up to 800 litres... that's £800+!

  Cymro. 15:36 21 Jan 08

Even if the government decided to forgo the planed fuel tax rise they would only try to get the money back by some other means.

As Quickbeam has said
"the government does not like to forgo any income"
so what they stand to loose on one tax they will only make up on some other tax.

The income from the increased fuel tax has already been taken in to account for future financial planning so they would have to claw the money back from us in some other way.

  tullie 17:34 21 Jan 08

Just makes you sick tough doesent it?

  rezeeg 18:00 21 Jan 08

"The above inflation fuel tax increases are intended to make us think more carefully before we use our cars"

Same argument used for years with cigarettes.

It's just a ploy by chancellors to raise more taxes under the pretext of being 'green'.

  birdface 18:15 21 Jan 08

Good idea.While we are at it we could turn our central heating off and the electric lights off as well.They have picked on the motorists for to long now.Time to give them a break.

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