Cabin crew vote for Christmas strike

  peter99co 16:07 14 Dec 09

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Maybe the union have an answer to help BA urgently needing to cut costs to ride out its dire financial situation.

In the first half of the year, BA lost £292m - the worst first-half losses in the company's history.

If the strike cripples the airline completley they will have no one to represent.

  Cymro. 16:16 14 Dec 09

Assuming your figures are right then the company is already crippled anyway.

The BBC says
Cabin crew voted by nine to one in favour of the strike action, with more than an 80% turnout.

Any union faced with a result like that has no choice but to go with the membership wherever it may take them. There must be something very wrong for a group of workers to vote so overwhelmingly for strike action.

  Cymro. 16:26 14 Dec 09

Below is taken from the union web site
"Just over 12,500 cabin crew have been balloted following BA's imposition in November of new working arrangements, including the reduction of crew numbers on all flights, which cabin crew say hits passenger service, as well as their earnings and career prospects. Unite has been pressing BA to come to a negotiated solution, however the airline rejected this in favour of imposed changes".

And the link to that site
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I make no apologies for repeating the final part of the above union statement. I think it tells it all.
Unite has been pressing BA to come to a negotiated solution, however the airline rejected this in favour of imposed changes".

  peter99co 16:26 14 Dec 09

I think the pension black hole is massive as well.

  Cymro. 16:35 14 Dec 09

yes indeed and I dare say the government or the banker will be blamed for that, anyone but the employers that it.

No doubt that this thread will turn in to another anti trad union rant, bring back Maggie Thacher and such like sentiments but lets not forget management also has to take at least some of the blame for this dispute.

  TopCat® 16:38 14 Dec 09

This is yet another case where industrial unrest strikes at and inconveniences the very people they rely on to survive. Coming at such a busy travel period as this will I believe, cause many to think hard about ever flying BA again. TC.

  Snec 16:39 14 Dec 09

Mind you, this strike will bring a smile to the Global Warming brigade. Except, of course, those who wanted to fly BA over Christmas :0)

  tullie 16:45 14 Dec 09

One of the problems,is that they are overpaid compared to some other airlines

  Cymro. 16:57 14 Dec 09

There is very little point in striking unless it inconveniences somebody preferably the management. What do you expect them to do wait till there is a slack time in air travel. The more disruption they cause now the sooner the strike will come to an end.

  Cymro. 17:03 14 Dec 09

Have you got the facts and figures to prove that and anyway who are these other airlines that you think pays even less than BA. You can always find an employer who pays even less wages it does not prove these people should also work for less.

  peter99co 17:20 14 Dec 09

Remember British Leyland. The union had all the answers there as well.

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