Bye Bye "Reader's Digest"

  tomtu 14:21 17 Feb 10

What a shame! ive had things off them years ago..

click here

  peter99co 14:28 17 Feb 10

things off them years ago..

But not recently?

500,000 subscribers in the UK.

  canarieslover 15:31 17 Feb 10

What??? No more 'You have won £10.000 if you return this within 7 days'. I suppose they were one of the first to 'spam' people through the post. I used to take it on subscription soon after I first got married, but we had my wife's grandfather living with us and he used to be ill soon after receiving the mag. We finally worked out that his syptoms were the same as the medical article in the latest mag so I cancelled my subscription. With the mags I take nowadays he'd have to run Windows to get the latest virus!!

  I am Spartacus 16:01 17 Feb 10

That's one hell of a pension deficit they've got.

  BT 17:00 17 Feb 10

.. within 7 days'

Must have sent dozens of them back, but I did win a £10 Premium Bond once, so there's always the chance that I might get the £10,000 one day!

  jakimo 17:17 17 Feb 10

The only way to to get off their mailing list was to move house

  Bingalau 17:26 17 Feb 10

I used to like reading the articles in the magazine because of their brevity. Ideal to tire your eyes out when going to bed at night, now the TV does that just as good. I took about 30 of their condensed books to the charity shop a couple of weeks ago. I wonder will they now become sought after items?

  BT 18:02 17 Feb 10

"The only way to to get off their mailing list was to move house"

Don't you believe it.

We moved from London to Norfolk 5 years ago and I get Mailings here even though I've never been in contact with then since moving.

Also get Email stuff from them.

  folsom 10:29 18 Feb 10

Can anyone remember the name of the guy that always sent "you have won etc." letters out?

  IClaudio 10:48 18 Feb 10

Tom Champagne... who was a real person.

  ella33 12:42 18 Feb 10

I really enjoy reading the articles although I am not a subscriber, I do buy the occasional one. I suppose the problem is so many of us read them free in waiting rooms. As for their books, atlases, they are good but there is so much competition on the market. My father always had ann up to date Readers Digest map of Britain's roads and motorways but of course there were no Tom toms then. The holiday guides are on the internet. the of course there is a recession, sad though.

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