Buy British?

  Graham. 11:04 18 Mar 07

As you know, everything is made in China now. So I have a sudden urge to buy something made in the British Isles. I include, of course, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (North and South). Any suggestions?

  Forum Editor 11:08 18 Mar 07

you might fancy one of these:

click here

In fact, while you're about it, ask them if they'll do a special price on two - we'll have one each.

  De Marcus™ 11:13 18 Mar 07

This should help in your quest click here

  Graham. 11:13 18 Mar 07

I've just bought a new Corsa. It was made in Spain.

  hzhzhzhz 11:17 18 Mar 07
  Forum Editor 11:23 18 Mar 07

Ah, you won't be wanting the Vanquish then?

  Graham. 11:24 18 Mar 07

Not on my pension, no.

  Graham. 11:25 18 Mar 07

I might need a new fleece for the snow, though.

  Noldi 11:59 18 Mar 07

Tea Bags
Fish and Chips

Ah, you won't be wanting the Vanquish then?
but Aston Martin has only just become English in the last couple of weeks. David Richards Prodrive have just aquired it from the Yanks (Ford).


  WhiteTruckMan 12:07 18 Mar 07

Can't get much more british than that!


  sidecar sid 12:19 18 Mar 07

How about a cracking piece of cheese.
click here
Best eat at about 10.30pm then you can spend all night dreaming about Aston Martins

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