Bullyboy tactics

  ened 12:37 15 Nov 08

I have just moved into a house my elderly Father moved out of nearly two years ago.

In that time he has had a friend (no spring chicken either) checking it out and forwarding the mail.

This friend noticed several letters for a spurious person (X). He RTS all of them but they kept coming. He opened one and it was from a collection company to X. He called this company [Fredrickson International] to inform them X did not reside at this address.

In short the girl was abrupt and rude. So my Father (by this time a little concerned that they might take action like break in and remove his property) called them himself to explain that X could not have lived there for at least 25 years because that was when he bought the property and no-one else has lived there in that time.

He was told the matter was closed!

Since I arrived there have been two letters addressed to X and a month ago I returned about ten which I had found on the doormat.

Yesterday there was a letter from Bryan Carter & Co Solicitors of Weybridge with no telephone number in the header. Only an 0845 No. for Fredrickson International.

I called to be told the case was closed (They said the same thing over twelve months ago). When I mentioned the stress and worry my Father had undergone, being stuck 250 miles away and wondering if his house was okay the chap became quite rude and stated it was not his problem. When I said this was all totally out of order he simply said “Whatever!” and hung up.

I am now living here so am able to deal with this but is it beyond the abilities of these people not to check the electoral role, especially after they have been told the person is not there?

Also I suppose I am going to have to check with the Credit Reference agencies to ensure nothing is amiss there.

  lofty29 12:58 15 Nov 08

why not send a letter stating that unless the practice stops that you will be seeking compensation for harrasment.

  Pamy 12:58 15 Nov 08

If it were me I would just ignore them. I would not waste my time and money contacting them

  lotvic 13:08 15 Nov 08

I think you will be very interested to read this from the consumeractiongroup forum
click here
"Watch Mr Carter he is a slippery chappie. But I think a complaint to the Society of Solicitors at Leamington Spa may be of benefit. Read the numerous threads on him and his dubious business practices"

I think you better do a Google Search. I was going to post more stuff I found but it was a bit strong.

  ened 13:20 15 Nov 08

Well fancy that!

I never thought of a search because I naively assumed they were legitimate.

Pamy Now that I am living here I probably will ignore them but my Father has been worried to death because of ill health he has not been able to get back here.

Also I suspect more streetwise people would not have worried quite so much but he has been envisioning all sorts of dreadful scenarios.

I find this sort of behaviour quite appalling!

  User-1229748 13:24 15 Nov 08

some of these companies have terrible reputations,obviously you won't be handing over a penny,but when people get talked into so called settlement figures they still get hounded for the remainder of the debt anyway :o(

  lotvic 13:28 15 Nov 08

Now you will be able to reassure your Father - and yourself :)
and hopefully put that 'slippery chappie' in his place.

  Pamy 14:07 15 Nov 08

ened, I do agree that your father would be very upset, distressed and worried. Thankfully as lotvic said you can now reassure him. A word with your local news paper may give you both some redress.

  Forum Editor 15:31 15 Nov 08

Brian Carter & Co Solicitors
Persimmon House, Dehavilland Drive
Brooklands Business Park
Weybridge KT13 0NT

Tell them that the person concerned does not live at your address, and that you will consider any further correspondence addressed to him/her as harassment. Send the letter via special delivery (not recorded), and keep a copy of it with the special delivery reference slip.

Throw away any further letters as they arrive, and forget about it.

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