Bugatti Veyron comes to grief.

  TOPCAT® 15:08 06 Mar 07

"Police have reported the Bugatti driver for driving without due care and attention..." click here

If you missed its appearance and 'seat of the pants' test drive on Top Gear, then you can view it here. TC. click here

  TOPCAT® 15:12 06 Mar 07

at the BBC address. TC.

  wolfie3000 15:17 06 Mar 07

Shame to see a veyron totalled :(

Always like the design, so much that i modded the car into vice city.

click here

As for the driver, He should have known better.

  royalflush 15:24 06 Mar 07

that was one of the most amazing videos ive did every kph didnt it....thankx

  Forum Editor 18:38 06 Mar 07

that the driver had been driving the car for only a week, and that it was hired.

It writes itself really, doesn't it?

  royalflush 19:32 06 Mar 07

FE..omg it was Hired..!!!!
i didnt know you could hire a car of that value out.....
any links or info further into this story...??

  Forum Editor 19:42 06 Mar 07

No, no links, it's just something I was told today.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:06 06 Mar 07

It was hired for £ here Anything is possible if you have funds.
click here

One dealer in London has sold 15 of the cars at £850k each this year alone click here


  interzone55 21:09 06 Mar 07

The car was only delivered to the owner a week ago, a millianaire owner of a car hire business.

He rented it to the driver for £20k a day.

Reports suggest he was doing 100mph on a wet road in a 40mph zone.

Hopefully he'll be sent down & the insurance will refuse to pay up.

rearrage these words

sense money than more

  TOPCAT® 21:29 06 Mar 07

I remember this guy who was nicked for speeding on the M1 shortly after it was opened. It was said that he was still in second gear at the time!

He shoehorned a RR Meteor 27 litre Centurion tank engine into a chassis and had the body made to fit around it. Also had trouble with RR because the car had a Rolls Royce radiator fitted and they wanted it removed.

This engine was virtually the same as fitted in a Spitfire and other types, except it didn't have a supercharger fitted. That said, it was more than enough power for the owner! TC.

click here

  Belatucadrus 09:56 07 Mar 07

A long time ago there was a review of a Transam in Classic car, the reviewer had real problems with it in town as it did 35MPH ticking over in first gear.

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