Budget Hotel near motorway Lugano, Switzerland

  Cara2 14:04 24 Feb 10

Okay, still trying to plan a trip from the UK to Malta and I honestly am researching a much as I can.

My husband is doing this journey alone and needs to complete it in as little time as possible in order to get the most suitable ferry on the final leg - Scilly to Malta.

We have now amended the schedule with a first stopover in Folkestone to enable a fresh start from Calais.

He aims to do around 600 - 650 miles per day. Do you think this is reasonable?

The plan is now Calais to somewhere around Lugano, Switzerland. However, I am stuck for a suitable budget stopover around this point. Am wondering if there is a better place to stop?

Any suggestions very gratefully received as he is leaving on Friday.

Thanks, Cara

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:06 24 Feb 10

click here You have tried Google?


  Cara2 14:41 24 Feb 10

Yes, but 'Google maps' and other differently worded searches - but not come up with the page you have.

Thanks, will give it a look now.


  Cara2 14:43 24 Feb 10

Actually what I am struggling with, (nagivation was never my strong point), is pin pointing those hotels which are right off the motorway.

I know it should be easy, but I don't find it so!

I know it is easy to simply find a nice hotel in Lugano though.

Thanks, Cara

  Cara2 15:43 24 Feb 10

Cannot spot anything suitable, so now trying Milano .....

  beynac 16:42 24 Feb 10

We saw some hotels just off the main route when we went past Lugano a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, we can't remember the names and can't see anything in Google which rings a bell.

This link may help though: click here

  beynac 16:48 24 Feb 10

Following my last post, this one looks reasonable and is close to motorway exits: click here

  beynac 16:55 24 Feb 10

This link will give you a better map than the hotel's web page. You can zoom out to see the location and get get your husband's route to, and from, the motorway.

click here

  Cara2 17:58 24 Feb 10

Thanks beynac. That looks very promising.


  beynac 20:09 24 Feb 10

You're welcome. :-)

  anchor 14:15 25 Feb 10

"600 - 650 miles per day"

According to MS Autoroute, using the fastest route, the trip from Calais to Lugano takes almost 10 hrs. In my view the risk of fatigue, (even dozing off), for a solo driver is considerable. Reasonable?; I think not.

Rather him than me!.

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