BT junk mail via Royal Mail

  pj123 14:13 03 Mar 08

Just received a letter from BT via Royal Mail addressed to "The Occupier"

Telling me all about their "exciting new packages" ie. BT phone, Broadband and Digital TV etc...

I guess lots of other households have received the same correspondence.

Reading the very small print I noticed it said,

"Together we can reduce paper consumption"

I reckon the best way to do that BT is to stop sending out this junk mail.

  Cymro. 14:47 03 Mar 08

What happened to the paperless office everyone was promising us?

  Pine Man 16:36 03 Mar 08

'What happened to the paperless office everyone was promising us?'

Are you suggesting that BT should resort to spam? ;-)

  sinbads 16:40 03 Mar 08
  crosstrainer 17:17 03 Mar 08

If I register, will this stop ALL companies from sending me stuff? Or, can I specifiy things like trade journals, suppliers mags etc? I would like to ditch a lot, but have not used this service as I was afraid that my "Useful" junk would also stop.

  crosstrainer 07:33 04 Mar 08

Thanks for the info....Guess I will continue to re-cycle the rest :)

  laurie53 07:54 04 Mar 08

I'm surprised postie hasn't joined in yet.

According to my postie, he gets an extra amount of pay dependent on how many of these he delivers, so by "unsubscribing" you may be doing his/her kids out of their Christmas presents!

  crosstrainer 07:56 04 Mar 08

So if I changed the addressee to something like "The CEO" (bit grand really) or The Managing Director, would it then get through using the same address?

  jack 08:34 04 Mar 08

Pin the Recycle bag under the letter box-
Then it all goes in- all you have to do is sift for the occasional Birthday card and utility Bill

  birdface 08:42 04 Mar 08

I use it,Only started it about 6 weeks ago but it does seem to make a difference,I also use the phone here Now that makes a big difference as only automated calls get through.So between them thing are getting a lot better.Now there was a thread on I think it was Speakers corner in the last couple of years where a postman was going to get sacked for giving a member of the public an address that he could write to to stop British mail from delivering Junk mail.Maybe someone on here will come up with that address,But I cannot remember it.

  birdface 08:45 04 Mar 08

Sorry.[British Mail.]It is of course Royal Mail.

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