BT Hone hub - 2 sorts- Not Techhelp discuss the wys and wherefires

  SparkyJack 01 Aug 12

During the past weekend a lightning strike killed my neighbours broad band

Strangely the land line phone was left working.

BT duly attended and deduced the modem was OK and the Home hub was dead.

So hcame back from his van with a replacement Router.

The engineer said the following, ........ ;This not a regular 'Home Hub' its a Business hub - so you might be getting stroppy E-mail for having it - but it'll keep you going until I come back with the proper replacement.'

So what do you all think the difference between routers is ?

  bremner 01 Aug 12

A BT Homehub is a modem/router i.e. there is not seperate modem and router.

The business hub looks pretty much like a Homehub3 so it might just be branding.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Aug 12

Its also probably faster

  Nontek 01 Aug 12


I have BT Infinity, which does make use of a BT Modem and a separate Homehub, both supplied by BT.

  bremner 01 Aug 12


The OP says it was a Homehub 2 hence my answer, however they may have made a mistake and it is as you say.

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

Yes, I should have said, mine is a Homehub3.

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

This shows my Homehub and Modem -

But this is just a Test of a photo hosting site, first time of trying!

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

Yippee it works - up until now I have been feeling a bit lost without ImageShack in my armoury.

  wiz-king 01 Aug 12

A strip of black electrical tape should be supplied to mask the three do-nothing LEDs on the front!

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

Do nothing LEDs? They indicate that the systems are connected and working! I certainly do not want to hide them.

  SparkyJack 02 Aug 12


I confirm Nontek

Those of us that have Infinity have two units - the Hub and a 'Modem'


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