Brown compared with Chamberlain...

  Quickbeam 08:09 17 Sep 08

click here Where did it start to go all wrong Gordon?

  laurie53 09:10 17 Sep 08

"The cobbler should stick to his last."

He was a good Chancellor, and should have stayed there.

  birdface 09:29 17 Sep 08

I agree fully with you.But I would say that at the moment he is the best man to get us through the difficulties that we now have.He was a good Chancellor and given time he could be a very good prime minister.He took over at a bad time when Banks were collapsing oil at a massive high food and fuel prices soaring.None of this was his fault.but I can't think of a better person to get us out of this mess.It would be interesting to find out from Forum members who they think may be a better person lead the country at this time.

  lofty29 09:37 17 Sep 08

G Brown was chancellor at a very easy time, he inherited a good economy, rode it through a boom period, there is nothing to suggest that he could have handled the present situation any better than anyone else.

  peter99co 10:14 17 Sep 08

Not much good when it comes to dealing in Gold Bars either.

  spuds 12:21 17 Sep 08

Wasn't there another Labour Prime Minister (Jim)who mentioned something about "What Crisis".

I wonder if the forthcoming conference will shed new light on the present situation!.

  Quickbeam 12:25 17 Sep 08

I thought that was Dennis Healey.

  tein 12:30 17 Sep 08

Id go with what fourm member just stated he robbed us all & now he is laying in the bed he made,
in my oppinion i belive he was the best person for the job at that time but he abused his position & did carelessly & now he has a lot to answer for..
He wont be coming back to the same position when the time comes BUT he has won the award for been the most unpopular pm.

  Quickbeam 12:32 17 Sep 08
  birdface 12:56 17 Sep 08

Hi.Well I asked the question and lots of answers.I take it there is not a lot of Gordon Brown fans about.Not a lot of names about who could replace him.Now if I remember he sold the gold reserves and bought diamonds instead which shot up in price but not 100% sure that my facts are correct.

  birdface 13:02 17 Sep 08

Oops.Think that I may have been dreaming about the Diamonds.But thought that I had read it somewhere.Obviously not.

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