Broadband upgrade plans for Wales.

  rdave13 19 Jul 12

Some good news for Broadband users that live in Wales, Fibre broadband deal with BT . Upgrading for 96% of properties by 2015. Just hope I don't live in the other 4%.

  Chegs ®™ 23 Jul 12

I have been having problems wth my connection,so my ISP appointed a BT engineer to visit.While he was here,I asked about the likelyhood of us getting a faster connection & was told "it'll be next year" I've also been reading in the local paper how the county council threw out the tenders from BT/Fujitsu as unsatisfactory,resulting in Fujitsu dropping out of the tendering process so looks like we're stuck with whatever BT offer.I'm not keen on rejoining BT as they've treated me poorly in the past.

  rdave13 23 Jul 12

I'm not sure you would have to join BT. It's the same situation here with only BT left to lay the fibre-optics but with Government help with the cost. "BT was the only company left in the process after the last of the others pulled out earlier this year". So if you have fibre-optics to the cabinet it shouldn't be any different with another ISP?

  Nontek 23 Jul 12

Hmm, I think that article has got its mbits confused with its MBytes.

  Quickbeam 23 Jul 12

No plans to upgrade broadband on Devon cliff tops?

  oresome 23 Jul 12

"BT will create 50 jobs and 100 apprenticeships. Another 320 existing jobs will be protected.

It will also offer work experience to 900 young people."

This is more like it. Spend some money on infrastructure improvements to make us more competetive and create jobs at the same time.

I reckon this will offer better value than the proposed high speed rail link which can only be afforded by a few.

  Quickbeam 23 Jul 12

Won't the high speed line upgrade require people to do the upgrade work and maintain it for years afterwards?


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