Broadband Down Up North

  morddwyd 08:43 30 Oct 10

Anybody else affected by this?

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I had no connection for all of the evening, but guessed it might be something fairly widespread as the BT Helpline was solidly engaged for about six hours!

  Forum Editor 08:52 30 Oct 10

a fact that was reflected in our traffic figures here, on the forum.

  morddwyd 09:01 30 Oct 10

Sounds a bit more widespread than this then!

"a temporary problem" affecting the Fair Isles, Northern Highlands and Islands area, as well as the Edinburgh area."

  jack 09:08 30 Oct 10

Edinburgh it seems.
A reported 'down' in an exchange in Edinburgh.
Seems odd that such a fault should affect such a large area.
Have not BT heard of 'Back up' yet?

  Quickbeam 11:17 30 Oct 10

The Macbeth theory sounds good for Halloween... click here

  mammak 12:15 30 Oct 10

South West Scotland was also affected, we were with out Broadband from about 6pm.
I'm glad I had my Blackberry...

  Macscouse 12:27 30 Oct 10

Forumless in Nairn all evening. Had to converse with the Long Haired One.

  dukeboxhero 12:43 30 Oct 10

Missed Brumas Identification Longshot/Talking Point ,last night because of it,Over seven million users couldt get on line last night,

  octal 12:48 30 Oct 10

And those of us that did have a connection had a pretty slow time of it, including this site.

  Bapou 13:27 30 Oct 10

Pleased it was something other than my own access after trying since 10pm until 11pm last night. Although it was a surprise that a fault in Edinburgh would affect our area of South East Northumberland.

  g0slp 14:47 30 Oct 10

We're on Sky BB, & it went down here in Durham at about 7.20 last night. Not sure what time it came back on, but I'm amazed that a fault in Edinburgh would affect down here.

Sky's call centre were very helpful and apologetic, but as they said, it was out of their hands

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