british values losing direction

  sunny staines 17:20 07 Feb 08

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are our British traditional values losing direction

  anskyber 17:39 07 Feb 08

Not sure what you mean by "British traditional values", could you explain what you think they are?

  Kemistri 17:43 07 Feb 08

"Are our British values losing direction?"

In some respects, they may be, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with this particular issue. How do you equate the accommodation of Islamic legal methods with the perceived loss of British values?

  octal 17:44 07 Feb 08

Whatever way I tried answer this it's going to come across as racist, so all I will say we are on very dangerous ground indeed and leave it there.

  sounder 18:03 07 Feb 08

This is a point thats closeley been thread'ed before, if i am right "peter" delete's these post's, i was thinking about this issue this morning but on a slightly lighter scale, i feel that we cant speak our minds anymore in this country,i am not encouraging any "Untowards" attitude or words as we all not what works & what doesnt but we've gone mental with the "REG'S" of "DO's & DONT'S" there is no way back & i feel some of them needed to be made law like ageism & racial,BUT i see why people do get frustrated with Muslims as it seem's there VERY "CLicky" about the slightest thing that isnt "Islam" or posative towards "Alah" they MUST understand this is 2008 & Everyone on the planet is open to a Sarcasm i get it all the time getting called "Fatty" & my friends & family take the "Mic" out of me cause i love snowboarding,moutainbikes & i am 35 yrs old they tell me to GROW up every other day,its just how you take it i suppose.

  Quickbeam 18:13 07 Feb 08

we could revert to feudal law... then we can all travel back in time.

  S5W 18:58 07 Feb 08

The Archbishop should be encouraged to request the application of Sharia to himself for the sin of apostasy. Then R.I.P.

  oresome 19:04 07 Feb 08

British values are losing direction because we don't have moral leadership.

Religion is ceasing to have any relevance to the majority. Royality are hardly role models. Politicians are seen as feathering their own nests as indeed are business leaders.

Looking back at some old TV series recently, we were struck at the absence of bad language which is very prevalent in new productions.

Does TV lead society or mirror it? I suspect it's instrumental in lowering standards and making actions seem more acceptable.

  jakimo 19:07 07 Feb 08

It seems the Archbishop is advocating the return to the middle ages,for that is where Sharia law belongs,when religious fanatics ruled instead of democratically elected government

History shows how fanatical religious leaders in the past caused so much misery to those who did not follow their ideology

  Earthsea 19:12 07 Feb 08

I don't see anything wrong with British law accommodating other religions - it's nothing new, after all - so I think this is all a bit of a storm in a teacup.

  bluto1 19:26 07 Feb 08

Before I went to Saudi Arabia I was told that once there I was subject to Saudi/Islamic law from the moment my plane touched down until I left there. I've never had a moment's problem with that.
Why are these immigrants not told that they are subject to British law when they arrive on our shores? Seems a fair way of doing things.

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