British Olympic Association's battle against WADA fails

  TopCat® 29 Apr 12

"Britain's former drugs cheats can compete at London 2012 after a court overturned the British Olympic Association's policy of handing out lifetime bans, BBC Sport has learned.

The BOA has lost its battle with the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas)..." story here

I think that the BOA's stern attitude to drug taking by athletes was correct so I wondered just how many here were of the same mind. TC.

  john bunyan 29 Apr 12

I think the BOA is right and the Court of Arbitration is wrong. I am not sure if a formerly banned athlete can insist on being selected. If the UK selected on the old terms and other countries selected banned athletes who had "served their time" I suppose it would get complicated. This is a bad day for sport, IMHO.

  Aitchbee 29 Apr 12

If the high performance athletes (sprinters) were all given a mandatory hot mug of Ovaltine or Cuppa Soup [Chicken/Ministrone] one hour before their race - then that would weed out the 'druggies'. I will be giving the Olympics a miss...come rain or shine.

  morddwyd 29 Apr 12

Just because he can doesn't mean he will be picked.

He is a cheat, and judging by the shenanigans which go on over deciding the next venue, he would be quite at home in the Olympics!


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