British Made Car?

  ulrich 19:59 18 Nov 09

Why wasn't a Made in Britain car chosen for the Olympics? 4000 cars and who will drive them?

  Quickbeam 20:25 18 Nov 09


  interzone55 21:11 18 Nov 09

Here's a car, called Olympic, that was built quite close to my house in Rochdale

click here

  Forum Editor 22:52 18 Nov 09

it was a question of inviting manufacturers to make an offer, and BMW did. As for 'Made in Britain', BMW makes the Mini at Oxford. Rolls Royce cars is also part of the BMW group; you can't get more British than that, although I doubt that anybody will get driven to the venues in a complimentary Rolls.

Who will drive them? Presumably they'll be driven by people appointed to do the job by the Olympic organisers.

  Al94 08:07 19 Nov 09

Better description of what's agreed here click here

  ulrich 08:20 19 Nov 09

The BMW bit which are not British as far as I know
or made in Britain, the minis yes. but there are no Rolls Royce.

  morddwyd 09:13 19 Nov 09

BMW presumably made the cheapest offer.

A British (probably Japanese) tender would have entailed yet more expense for the taxpayer.

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