British Gas are very persistant

  Graham* 22:42 21 Nov 11

It's over a year since I ditched them for boiler maintenance. They still call me nearly every day. As I have barred them on my phone, they get engaged tone and get charged for the call.

What a way to run a business.

  sunnystaines 07:28 22 Nov 11

Did not know if you ring an got engaged bleeps you still paid for the call.

  tullie 10:02 22 Nov 11

Hard to believe that they are touting for customers!!

  johndrew 10:08 22 Nov 11

I terminated my contract with them about a year ago and other than one letter confirming cancellation have heard nothing else from them.

Perhaps a call to their Customer Services advising that you do not wish to be called would have resolved the issue?

  Graham* 10:10 22 Nov 11


My phone answers the call and returns engaged tone, not the exchange.

  finerty 10:12 22 Nov 11

I remember about two years after they were privatized that several of their sales people came knocking on our door shouting and claiming we need new sprockets. There 4 of them. in Business clothing and claiming we need new sprockets and bolts and radiators and may be another boiler. Which we didn't

Basically they were trying to rip of my dad. They were very persistent and we said sure we call you as soon as you get back at the office.

  sunnystaines 10:49 22 Nov 11


sounds a good idea, i like that option.

  sunnystaines 13:23 22 Nov 11

graham been think about your good idea, how do you set it up.

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