Britain's Got Talent, won by dancing dog!

  Mr Mistoffelees 13 May 12

What does this say about the other contestants? I never watch it by the way.

Pan's Dogs?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13 May 12

It says that the dog (and trainer) were much better entertainment than the usual bunch of singers / dancers that get churned out year after year.

Bring back variety, lets see more novelty acts.


  dagbladet 13 May 12

I guess that those that did watch it thought it was a better act than the others?

I'm curious as to why anyone would be bothered enough to start a thread about a programme that's been running for weeks that they have never watched.

  morddwyd 13 May 12

Freely admit I've watched previous series, but not this one.

As I said to my wife when she told me about this this morning, some of the other contestants who have perhaps devoted a large part of their lives to this aim must be absolutely gutted!

  buteman 13 May 12

Very very clever dog but to come 1st on a talent contest sort of makes you wonder if shows like this are worth watching.

It could have been worse I suppose the Synchronized swimmers might have won it.

A big let down for some really good Contestants that hoped to make a career out of what they do.

£500.000 first prize.That will buy a lot of bones.

  lotvic 13 May 12

Since 2007, one act of the Royal Variety show has been selected by the British public through the ITV1 television talent show Britain's Got Talent.

So Britain's Got Talent is supposed to be about selecting that act and any spin-off of a career - pop singer or otherwise is not supposed to be in the equation. LOL

  buteman 13 May 12

lotvic. I hope that's not a David Cameron LOL.

No doubt about it one clever dog.Mind you it's advertising career is just about to start.

Now personally I hate 2nd prizes but to come 2nd to a dog takes the [Doggie] biscuit.

  Woolwell 13 May 12

It's not even the best dancing dog in UK. That prize goes to the winner at Crufts.

  Chegs ®™ 15 May 12

If a dog is Britains best talent,then I despair.The only upside to this I can think of is a dog's life expectancy is much shorter than a humans so it'll be gone and forgotten in a few years(much like the plethora of musical acts who've appeared on Britains got (no) Talent)

  dagbladet 15 May 12

I guess another upside is the lovely relationship between the girl and the dog. The film clip of her when she was first given a scruffy little puppy on a box was quite touching. Why would you wish it dead?


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