the bright light in the sky

  sunnystaines 10:08 27 Aug 09

having moved our bedroom to the rear of our house we noticed every night an larger than other stars bright light to the south moves from east to west thought the night sky during the night, put the telescope on it and its a bright white ball.

is it one of our planets or a particular star.

any space buffs out there?

  oldbeefer2 10:14 27 Aug 09

If you were in Shropshire it would definately be a UFO - there have been loads of sightings recently (but then, the local real ale is quite strong!).

  exprog 10:34 27 Aug 09

I live in Gloucestershire, and I see that light every night in the south, moving east to west.
Somebody told me it was probably the space station, which I understand is visible. Cant be sure though

  sunnystaines 10:51 27 Aug 09

its shows as a bright white round ball in the telescope may be a large star or a planet, had a look at other stars in the telescope and it was similar but much larger, did find a red one I presume that was mars.

Curious as to what's its called must be well known

  oldbeefer2 11:06 27 Aug 09

To see if it might be the space station click here

  exprog 11:08 27 Aug 09

Looking thru Google, a lot of people reckon its Venus. Though these sightings seem to be mainly american, and some are quite old.

  exprog 11:11 27 Aug 09

My light is visble for much longer than your chart says. So probably isn't the space station.

  jellyhead 11:12 27 Aug 09

You could download this free program if you wish to help identify it.
click here

  tullie 11:46 27 Aug 09

Could be Jupiter at this time of year

  Seth Haniel 11:52 27 Aug 09

click here

Jupiter seems good prospect

  DieSse 12:18 27 Aug 09

Venus is the normal culprit. It's not called the "evening star" for nothing - as it normally is bright enough to be seen in the evening before it's dark enough for proper stars to be seen.

If it was the space station, it would be moving much, much faster across the sky.

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