Breathalyser shelf life

  WhiteTruckMan 25 Jun 12

As some people may be aware, you will be required to carry DIY breathalysers if you go driving in france. I will need to get some sometime, but does anyone know what kind of shelf life these things have? And is it on the order of months, years or even decades?


  Nontek 25 Jun 12
  Forum Editor 25 Jun 12

If you buy good quality breathalysers the useful life will be in the order of several years - perhaps up to ten years.

Make sure you get one that carried the 'NF approved' logo,or it will not be legal in France, and you will be liable to a fine. As far as I'm aware there are only two manufacturers currently approved for disposable kits - a French company called Contralco and a South African firm called Redline.

You'll find other makes which are marked 'suitable for use in France' but unless they carry a blue 'NF approved' logo they are no good.

  wiz-king 26 Jun 12

Here you go buy before you go (not try before you blow)

  morddwyd 26 Jun 12

Good Grief!

The things you learn on this forum!

(Not a criticism.I have driven in France, and was not aware of this new requirement)

  Quickbeam 26 Jun 12

They show a good sense of humour on the link from Nontek.

The compulsory carrying of breathalysers seems to be a defeatist attitude to drink driving. i.e. We can't stop it so we'll make them check them selves (dream on), rather than, if you get caught you get the book thrown at you, so don't.

I find it much simpler to work on a zero tolerance policy. If I drink I don't drive, if I drive I don't drink. Only the one simples thought process is involved then.

  interzone55 26 Jun 12

I love the Daily Mail's attitude to this

"British drivers forced to carry breathalysers in France!"

So no-one else will be subject to this new law then.

Also interesting that you have to carry hi-viz jackets in the car, not the boot

  Condom 26 Jun 12

Just like PIP then NF good?

  WhiteTruckMan 28 Jun 12

Looks like I will hold off until a month or two until I next go, but now at least I have a better idea what to look for, thanks everyone.



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