A brain test

  sunnystaines 11:18 02 Nov 08

click here

mine goes clockwise against the norm.

  hastelloy 11:25 02 Nov 08

Though I can make her change but as soon as I stop concentrating its back to clockwise

  dagnammit 11:26 02 Nov 08

I have watched this twice now and it has changed direction!

Went clockwise then anti-clockwise!!!

  Forum Editor 11:27 02 Nov 08

but my wife, who knows about such things, says you shouldn't place too much reliance on the results of simple tests like the one in your link - the reality is far more complex than that....she says

  WhiteTruckMan 11:31 02 Nov 08

making her turn either way, but unlike marvin42 I have to look away from the screen first to change her direction. It might be informative to know which way she was turning when viewed for the first time, but I cant remember.


  WhiteTruckMan 11:33 02 Nov 08

your wife is talking about women (being more complex). In which case she is entirely correct!


  sunnystaines 11:36 02 Nov 08

cannot make mine go the other way

  Forum Editor 11:41 02 Nov 08

She was talking from a professional psychiatrist's point of view - she says the fact that women are more complex than men is self-evident, all women know it instinctively!

At which point I mumbled something like "that's what you say" and sloped off back to my screen.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:52 02 Nov 08

that if the brain were simple enough to understand then we would be too simple to understand it.


  anchor 12:10 02 Nov 08

Clockwise for me; hence it says I use more of the right side of the brain.

The attributes give for the right side of the brain are the complete opposite my character.

My verdict?, - a load of rot!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:13 02 Nov 08

Something wrong with my eyes (or brain) - by flicking towards the column and back to the picture I can make her spin either way or even stop for an instant.

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