Bradley Wiggins a true hero...

  Aitchbee 23 Jul 12

this man's achievements [alone] have boosted Team UK's medal hopes.

Well Done Bradley!

  Quickbeam 23 Jul 12

But lets not curse him with the poisoned challis of high expectation. As far as he's concerned he's won better that Olympic gold. Winning the Tour de France is the greater blue riband prize of the two.

But I think he'll do OK though.

  Woolwell 23 Jul 12

Well done Bradley on a magnificent achievement. But I don't think that he is a hero. The word hero has become devalued in recent years.

  Condom 23 Jul 12

It is about time that some perspective was put on this. Yes a wonderful achievement from a great cyclist but it was also a team effort. The way the Tour is run no one single competitor could win it now without the backing of a team who allow leaders to slipstream for much of the race thus saving huge amounts of energy.

Bradley seems to be more level headed about this than much of the press.

  mole1944 23 Jul 12

I hate to burst everyones bubble on Bradley Wiggins,but he is not british he was born in belgium,that does make him british however long he has lived in britain.

  Pine Man 23 Jul 12

His nationality is British despite being born in Ghent, Belgium.,27291,17543_6636468,00.html

  interzone55 23 Jul 12

His father, the cyclist Gary Wiggins, was Australian. Whilst he was born in Ghent, his mother moved with him to London when he was three, after she split from his father.

He has British nationality through his mother.

From all accounts his father was a bit of a rotter who got involved in drug deals. He was beaten to death in 2008, reported by a drug gang...

  mole1944 23 Jul 12

I stand corrected

  spuds 23 Jul 12

"Bradley Wiggins a true hero..."

Excuse my ignorance, but isn't he just a bloke with a yellow T-shirt riding a bike, and getting paid and sponsered for doing so?.

No doubt someone, somewhere as suggested an OBE or Lord/Sir ship for outstanding achievements?.

Better get my coat :O)

  Woolwell 23 Jul 12

He's already got an OBE. A knighthood has been suggested.

  spuds 23 Jul 12

I did say "Excuse my ignorance" ;o)

Personally I think there are far more deserving cases, than getting over excited by a sports-person, whose doing what they want to do.


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