spikeychris 18:57 26 Jun 07

A Manchester high school has opened a boxing gym as the sport's popularity continues to rise, from September boxing will be part of the schools PE curriculum.

Good idea??

click here

  Pine Man 19:03 26 Jun 07

Sure, why not.

Teach the little angels how to take part in a sport that is the only one intended to deliberately inflict injury on another.

Nothing accidental about it, pure barbarism.

  Pine Man 19:04 26 Jun 07

I'm not too keen on boxing!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 26 Jun 07

What goes around, comes around.

Boxing was always hgh on the agenda in the 50's and 60's fell out of favour in the 70's and is now on the
come back.

I expect the "namby pandies will moan about how its dangerous and peole could die and suffer brain damage but thats the risk of any sport there are different dangers depending on the sport of your choice.

I now suffer from the excess of my choice of sports in my teens and twenties. Speedway and parachutes (not together of course) have cause problems with my knees but I would do it all again.

  Pine Man 19:07 26 Jun 07

It is dangerous, people do die and get brain damage.

This obviously also occurs in other sports but that is not the intention of those sports.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 26 Jun 07

I may be wrong but isn't the point of boxing to knock the opponent into a state of unconsciousness by repeated heavy blows to the head, or am I getting it mixed up with street thuggery? /eyes raise


  User-1159794 19:32 26 Jun 07

Oh so this post is not about the correct way to wrap Christmas presents.

  Pine Man 19:33 26 Jun 07

Round 1 to you!!

  Guardianangel 19:34 26 Jun 07

I reckon it would be better to have lessons in self-defence for both sexes.

  spikeychris 19:55 26 Jun 07

Skiing, rodeo riding – bull fighting, click here for a shed load more. Boxing isn’t even in the list as a dangerous sport. click here for the Oxford response, I will admit I am split – I love the sport but I also realise its barbaric.

  sunny staines 19:59 26 Jun 07

good idea, somewhere for the kids to channel aggresion and left steam in a controlled manner.

instead of bullying in the playground.

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